GEM420 PPTP VPN Server – Connecting Using Windows 10 PC

The video below shows the Proroute GEM420 4G Router that is using a Fixed IP SIM card with a Public IP address configured as a PPTP VPN server and shows a Windows 10 PC connecting to the GEM420 using the built-in Windows 10 VPN tool.

Remember – if you want to connect to your GEM420 router then you will need to ensure that you can connect to it over the Internet first of all, and in this case we are using a Fixed IP SIM.

You will see that it is a pretty simple process – if your Windows 10 PC shows VPN connected but you are unable to connect to the LAN IP address of the GEM420 or LAN IP address of connected devices then it is probably a setting on your Windows 10 PC, most likely a firewall setting so you will need to speak to your Windows 10 PC technician to disable the firewalls and test the VPN connection and once confirmed the VPN is working you can re-enable your firewalls and discover and rectify the problem in your PC settings.  We will be unable to help you with your Windows PC / firewall settings.