GEM420 – Manually Configure APN Settings

The GEM420 router default setting for APN is AUTO DETECT – this means that it will attempt to the network of the inserted SIM card using the pre-defined APN settings stored in the GEM420 for the most popular networks.

For example, If you insert a standard EE Mobile Data SIM card then it will try to auto connect using the default APN of everywhere.

However, for some SIM cards and tariffs you will need to manually enter the APN settings given to you by your mobile, particularly if you are using a Fixed IP SIM card.  Also Рthe GEM420 does not have ALL the APN settings for ALL network providers so if it does not automatically connect using the MOST COMMON APN settings then you should contact your SIM provider and get the ACTUAL APN settings for your SIM Card and MANUALLY enter them.

The video below shows you how to change your APN settings to MANUAL and how to enter your APN and iff applicable, your APN user name and password.