GEM420 3G 4G Connectivity Support

In many cases you GEM420 will automatically connect to the 3G/4G Network without any changes from the default settings.  This is especially true when using a standard EE or Three Mobile SIM Card.  If you are using any other network SIM card eg. O2 or Vodafone you may need to manually enter your APN settings and also for Fixed IP SIM Cards you will usually need to configure your APN settings manually in order to connect to the correct network for your Fixed IP SIM card to work.

If you need assistance getting your GEM420 router to connect then we have prepared the following video which shows you what you need to be looking for to identify your connection problem.

The video shows an example where the router can see the SIM and the EE Network but does not connect to the 3G/4G Service.  We then configure the APN settings to the correct settings and demonstrate that when the correct APN settings are configured then the router connects without any issue.

The video also provides information about troubleshooting your connection problems and should solve most of your issues – however if you need additional support then it explains the screen shots required in order to provide assistance which you can email to the westlake support team.


If your GEM420 4G Router has been operating for some time and you swap the SIM card and it no longer connects then there may be several reasons.

  1. SIM was removed / replaced with power on – POWER OFF ROUTER, Re-Insert SIM and power on
  2. SIM incorrectly inserted – POWER OFF ROUTER – remove SIM, re-insert it and ensure SIM holder is pushed down and slid into the locking position
  3. Change of network – You will need to configure your APN settings to suit the new network SIM card that you have inserted
  4. New SIM may have PIN Lock – your new SIM card may have a PIN Lock – either configure the APN settings for the new SIM card and insert the PIN number – or insert the SIM card into a mobile phone and remove the PIN Lock
  5. SIM Card not activated – ensure your SIM card is not activated – maybe try it in a mobile phone and see if it connects to the Internet

If you have tried all of the above and they do not fix your problem then please refer to the video above and send the screen shots of your main status page, 3G/4G Modem DETAILS page and the APN settings page to support [at] and we can check the information and assist further.


You can submit a support ticket at